Business Hotels

Do you plan to expand the reach of your online store in order to promote and sell your products and services to Russian clients as well? Your primary task before doing business abroad is to hire a professional translator to translate the content of your website in the Russian language. You might consider hiring an office space over there as well once your business increases. However, you can cut down on expenditure by staying in a hotel during the initial phase. Your business may also want to consider investing in a predictive dialler to make sure that any incoming calls from abroad can be dealt with during anytime of day, especially if they're a few hours ahead, because they could be calling at 10am their time, while it's 5am here. This will mean you'll want a system set up so there are people on hand to answer these calls. You can find a wide range of hotels or short stay serviced apartments in that country or at home near an airport that means you have an easy stay before your flight, suitable for all types of budgets. Whether you do business in the UK or abroad it is imperative that you find reasonably priced accommodation suited to your business needs for the duration of your stay.

Extra information about short stay serviced apartments

Choose a hotel located in the heart of the city

There is no sense of booking a room in the costliest hotel of Moscow, if your clients are located far away from it. You should always book a hotel that provides you with modern amenities such as broadband internet connection, required to keep in touch with your main office and the members of your family, and is located in the heart of the city. This allows you easy access to clients located in different parts of the city.

Hotel Marriot Moscow Tverskaya

The biggest advantage of this hotel is that it lies in close proximity to the Belorusskiy metro station. This allows you to communicate from one part of the city to the other in a few minutes. Apart from having 152 refurbished rooms, it also boasts of five meeting rooms where you can host business conferences with your potential clients. It also offers free WiFi connection in public areas. It also has a fitness centre equipped with state of the art cardiovascular equipment. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the hotel premises.

Golden Apple Boutique Hotel

This eight storied hotel has 92 rooms available in four price ranges. It also has three meeting rooms, a health club, and jacuzzi and sauna facilities. Apart from high speed internet access, the hotel also has photocopying and faxing machines. You can get five percent cash back on food and lodging charges by joining the Universal Points rewards program. Located close to government offices and international business centres, this hotel is within walking distance from the Chekhovskaya, Pushkinskaya, and Tverskaya metro stations. You will find numerous restaurants and shopping centres located nearby this hotel.

Izmailovo (Gamma Delta) Hotel Megacomplex

This is a complex of three star and four star hotels, ideal for the budget minded businessperson. This complex consists of more than 15 hotels. Do not be fooled by the low star ratings. Most of them offer facilities that a traveler requires for doing business in Russia. Most hotels in this complex have conference rooms, broadband internet connection, and amenities like gyms etc.

Book your room online

Visit the websites of these hotels for more details. All of them offer you with the facility to book rooms online. You can also their online portal to book cars to and from the airport to their hotel.